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Elegant Terns
Elegant Terns, Sterna elegans

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Aerial Photos: 1929 | 1967 | 1997

Snowy Plovers: 2001/2004 Report | 2005 Report 6 mb (Word Documents)

Picture Albums: Shore Bird Picture Album , Santa Barbara County Birds , Devereux Slough and Coal Oil Point Reserve

Weather Information from the Coal Oil Point Reserve U.S. Climate Reference Network Station

UCSB Ocean Surface Currents Mapping Project - Real-Time Data Last 72hrs


Coyote bush beetle, Trirhabda luteocincta

Research Projects at Coal Oil Point Reserve

Oil seep study

Intertidal monitoring

Climate station- NOAA

Ocean current study

Snowy Plover

Assesment of the Devereux Slough

Gray Whales count

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