Shore Bird Picture Album

A bird identification aid for the
Snowy Plover Docent Training Program

Here are selected pictures of birds commonly seen on the beaches, lagoons, and fields at Coal Oil Point (sometimes refered to as the Devereux Slough and Sands beach). Because of the large variety of habitats found here, many different birds can be seen. On the most recent Christmas Bird Count, the Audubon team found 70 different species in just four hours!

We have chosen to show the birds that docents will most likely be asked about. They are presented in three macro habitat groupings: Ocean-front birds, Lagoon birds, and Field birds. Of course, birds fly around and may really be found in several of these habitats. Within a grouping, we have arranged them from small to large. For the Lagoon birds, related species such as all the ducks, are grouped together.

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