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Devereux Slough

Arial View of Devereux Slough

Devereux Slough is a seasonally tidal estuary that is impounded most of the year by a sand barrier. Devereux Slough is a critical ecological feature of Coal Oil Point Reserve that supports a large abundance and diversity of species including several endangered birds, fish, and plants. The Devereux Slough is a relatively small system (50 acres) and is owned and managed by the University of California’s Natural Reserve System, Coal Oil Point Reserve.

Additional information about Devereux Slough:

Ecological Importance of Devereux Slough and Estuaries
Devereux Slough Monitoring Program
Water Quality Measurements
Fish Surveys

Species of Devereux Slough


Physical Characteristics of Devereux Slough
Devereux Watershed
Historical Aerial Photographs
Changes of the Coast line
Photo gallery

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