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Fish Surveys in the Devereux Slough

Devereux Slough

Fish surveys are performed regularly to monitor the changes in abundance of fish within the Devereux Slough.  Species composition varies due to water quality, current weather conditions, and seasonality.

All fish surveys are performed using minnow traps and seine nets.  The fish are release after being counted.  DSMP interns also identify the species, calculate the species richness of the sample, and record the size of the fish. Some of the most common fish species observed are mudsuckers, killifish, and the endangered Tidewater Goby. 

Fish survey data is entered into the DSMP database, and is used to determine the yearly and seasonal trends in fish species community composition and the size class of fish in the Devereux Slough.

Species commonly observed by our fish interns in their biological surveys.

Osprey with fish
Osprey, Devereux Slough,09/2005

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