Least Terns with fish
Least Terns at Coal Oil Point Reserve, June 26, 2004

Maps and information to help you find us

The reserve is located just off US 101 going toward San Francisco about 12 miles from Santa Barbara. You take the Storke Road exit and turn toward the ocean (South), as shown on this Area Map.

The reserve is relatively small, about 150 acres in extent. The Slough Road takes you along one side of the Devereux Slough and has several turn-outs for bird watching and viewing. The road extends to a turn-around at Coal Oil Point, as depicted on this COPR Site Map.

Parking at the turnouts is permitted if you stay with your vehicle. Extended parking requires a special permit issued by the USCB Parking Services. See the Visitor Information page for more detailed information.

If you plan a loop hike around Devereux Slough (an easy and pleasant 1.5 hour stroll) you can park on the street where Storke Rd meets El Collegio Rd at the start of the Slough Road into the Reserve. Walk the road to the beach, up the beach to the trails on the western side of the Slough, and follow them back to the entrance. Or you can go the reverse direction.

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