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Docent Program | Snowy Plover and Least Tern Status

Snowy Plover with chicks
Snowy Plover chicks with their parent - July 18, 2008

The Western Snowy Plover, Charadrius alexandrinus nivosus, is a shorebird that inhabits beaches and lake shores. The pacific population is threatened mainly due to loss of habitat. Coal Oil Point Reserve, with its sandy beach, sand dunes, and adjacent estuary mouth is one of a few choice west coast locations where the snowy plovers can still breed and thrive. With public education and symbolic fences the plovers at COPR made a come back. Please click on the topics to read about how it is working, and how you can help.

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Docent Program

Why Protect Snowy Plovers?

Protocol for Hatching and Raising Western Snowy Plovers (Word doc.)

Management Plan: Plover Protection (You may view and print this and other "pdf" pages with Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download a free copy from Adobe, click her)

Plover Docent Training Manual (ask Snowy Plover Program director)

Article: Habitat Use and Plovers (pdf file)

Article: Disturbances to Plovers (pdf file)

Snowy Plovers - Fox News Video 2001

Snowy Plovers July 2006 (You Tube movie)

Snowy Plover Docent Manual (2.8 MB pdf)

Snowy Plover Reports

2005: html, MS Word

2006: html , MS Word

2007: html, MS Word

2008: html, MS Word

Other snowy Plover Links

Western Snowy Plover: Status and Trends in Recovery Unit 5 (The Urban Wildlands Group)

    Habitat Suitability Modeling for Western Snowy Plover in Central California

      low resolution, 14 MB pdf | high resolution 24 MB pdf

book image

Western Snowy Plover - tools and resourses for recovery

Friends of the Dunes: Snowy Plovers

California Audubon Plover Page

Plover pictures by Callie Bowdish


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